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To Photoshop, or Not To Photoshop

37 Signals: We don’t need Photoshop, we go right from sketches right to HTML.
Jeff Croft: Well, you have an established aesthetic which makes that possible. My clients tend to need visual exploration, so we do use Photoshop.
Jon Hicks: Guys, there are advantages to both techniques.


Load Content While Scrolling

Have you ever seen that effect where as you scroll down a webpage and approach the bottom, more content is loaded dynamically? This is probably most commonly seen in Google Reader or the current DZone homepage. Web Resources Depot has a tutorial (and downloadable example) on how to achieve this using jQuery.


Obsessive CSS Formatting

Jeff at the Perishable Press has a series of three articles (so far) on Obsessive CSS Formatting. I try to be as clean and organized with my CSS as I can be, but I am not nearly this obsessive. For example, listing the declarations from longest to shortest. The other two are obsessive indentation and spacing and obsessive opening and closing brackets. I cover a few of the basic different styles in this screencast.



Simply put: is a community for designers to share screenshots of interesting and beautiful design.

I really like this idea. Now with their new tools for uploading (both Mac and PC), all I need to do is take a screenshot exactly like I normally do and I can upload it right to my account. I think this is an awesome way to keep a scrapbook of cool things and design inspiration that find your way across your screen each day. I am chriscoyier on there if you wanna be friends.
The only other social sites I really keep up with are Twitter and Flickr.


Designer’s Toolbox

The resources on this site continually come in useful. For example, if you are Photoshoppin’ a web layout and need a scrollbar for some specific browser, they have you covered. Need a dieline for a specific envelope size, they got that too.