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CSS Qualified Selectors

Shaun Inman has an idea for a submission to the CSS3 Working Group he is calling CSS Qualified Selectors. Definitely read the article to get the full low-down, but I’ll summarize: this is a way to add styling to a parent element based on its children. For example, if you have a list item that contains a visited link, right now you are only able to target the visited link with CSS such as “ul li a:visted”. With a qualified selector, you could instead target the list item with “ul li < a:visited". This could be very powerful. For example, I just did a post on improved current field highlighting which would be obsoleted by this technique (it would no longer need javascript).

Eric Meyer already piped in (see article comments) on how this is unlikely to actually happen (booooooo). John Resig shows us that jQuery can already do this, and even with the same syntax if you want.


Down for everyone or just me?

Here is a handy-dandy little tool for checking if a website is really down, or down for just you.


Google Docs now supporting CSS

If anyone out there is using Google Docs, you may be pleased to know it is now supporting CSS as a means to style your documents. Using images either inline or through background-images is limited by some weird proprietary system though.


“Commands” Posters

Really neat set of posters using some common Mac keyboard commands.