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Just how many classes can you apply to a single element?

Kilian Valkhof finds out with some javascript. Opera and Safari, 4000ish. FF and IE7, 2000ish. So the answer:

Way more than we’ll ever need.


Web Design Rap

This is so great. There is actually a lot of good information packed inside all this awesomeness.

Please don’t use tables even tho’ they work fine. When it comes to indexing they give search engines a hard time.

Word. (Thanks Roy!)


IE CSS Compatibility (all versions)

Straight from the horse’s mouth. IE 8 looks like it will be the best version ever, which it darn well better be! Still no support for the child pseudo-selectors. Too bad, I really like those.



Time to throw-down! On midnight of April 5th (CST), a PSD will be posted on this website. You have 24 hours to turn in a design converted to HTML/CSS. Entries will be judged and the winner gets some cash donated to charity. It’s on a weekend so I might just have to throw my skillz in the ring.