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This is another one of those automatic menu builder sites. I think this one is pretty nice though. Lots of customizable features, you can save your menus there, you can download them and they come nicely packaged up with all the files you need.


New TutorialBlog Writer

TutorialBlog has been sold and bought and the new owners have hired me to be the new writer. Nothing will change here at CSS-Tricks, but I’ll be writing about a wider variety of design-releated topics over there as well. I have three articles up so far, including one about the blank CSS template I use. The other two were about business cards: free templates and creative die cuts.


Gold, Silver, Bronze

Onyx Design has a great idea for the use of CSS Adjacent Sibling Selectors: a list of “winners”. If you had a bunch of lists of say, 10 names, and the first one was always gold, the second silver, and the third bronze, you could use adjacent sibling selectors to apply little graphics to those list items. Style just the “li” selector for the first, “li + li” for the second, “li + li + li” for the third, and “li + li + li + li” for all the rest of the list.


Cropping Rounded Corners

Daniel T Ott has a pretty slick example up on how to add auto-cropping rounded corners. This means you can use any regular rectangular photo and apply a rounded corner look with just markup and CSS. Plus he includes an IE6 fix.