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Challenge: CSS Globe vs. CSS-Tricks

Someone started an XHTML Challenge between CSS-Tricks and CSS Globe. At the time it was started I was working on that new subscribe section and there was a screwed up tag causing the site not to validate (as you can see by my cries in the comments). I see they have updated the stats now though and it shows me validating. It’s all in good fun, so head on over and vote. I also want to quickly mention a great new article on CSS Globe: 8 Premium One Line CSS Tips.


Design and the Elastic Mind

I don’t really get it, but I like it. I really wish we could have cool bouncy scrolling like that without flash.


Internet Explorer 8, yadda yadda yadda

There has been a bunch of hoop-la about Internet Explorer 8 passing the ACID 2 Test and the version targeting fiasco (and resolution) . Now the public beta is out and people aren’t as excited anymore.


Combating Classitis

CSS Newbie has a good article on really bad CSS. The worst thing you can do with your CSS is define classes like “ArialRed”. You might as well use inline styling if you are going to do that, because you aren’t using the cascade in any way. Semantic descriptions people. Describe the purpose of the element, not how it looks. Think id=”call-out” or class=”answer” instead of id=”big-red-header” or class=”bulleted-footer-list”.