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C.S.I in XHTML and CSS coding.

Dor Dan has a nice article on keeping both your HTML and CSS clean with a consistent system of Comments, Spacing, and Indents. Now that’s some beautiful code.


Detailed Look at Stacking in CSS

Tim Kadlec takes an in-depth look at the “stacking order” of the z-index parameter in CSS. Z-index is, unfortunately, one of those things that is not as simple as it should be. The one that gets me all the time is the priority of positioned elements, something that can be dealt with by actually applying negative z-index values.


Fix Safari’s BG Bug

Jonno Riekwel reminds us of Safari’s buggy way of ending the background image short of the end of the page. The quick fix is to add your background to the HTML element as well as the body, as Safari by default renders the HTML element at 100% height (unlike it does with the body element).


Domain forwarding in Apache

George Ornbo shows us how to alter configuration files to forward multiple domains onto a single domain. There are, of course, many ways to do this, but this is one of those ways that stays “Search Engine Friendly” and will not penalize you for duplicate content on those extra domains. I just found the “monkey school” references funny… I have had many many clients buy a bunch of domain names and ask me to do this for them. Now I am going to think of monkeys next time instead of the nearest weapon.


PDF Me Not

Darn slick way to embed PDF files right onto a webpage. Check it out:


XHTML 2 vs. HTML 5

I’ve linked to articles like this in the past from both IBM and A List Apart, but this one is even better than those were. Mike Malone compares the two new specs with a pretty open mind. I used to be a HMTL 5 kinda guy, but I’m slowly changing my tune. I really love a lot of the new elements like nav and figure, but XHTML 2 has some even awesome-er features like the fact that any element can be an image and/or a hyperlink.