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Sub Pixel Problems in CSS

John Resig has an interesting writeup of how different browsers deal with sub-pixel problems. By sub pixel problems he is referring to the rounding of pixels when widths are defined with percentages and the parent with is a non evenly divisible number. Such as a parent with 50px with and four children each with a width of 25%. Opera rounds down, IE rounds up (dumb, dumb dumb), and Firefox splits it up.


Design Police

I love these print-yourself “Design Foul” designs at Design Police. I really want to get some adhesive paper and print some out to make stickers. Actually, I wish I could just order them.



My good friend Richard (from FreshArrival) has just released his latest project: Waitable. It’s like a new verb for products that you want to buy but are going to wait until the price drops. Waitable is dead simple to use, just paste in URL’s from of a product you want, the price you are waiting for, and that’s it! You’ll get an email when/if your product gets to your price.


Update to GridControl

Reader tomek chimed in with an update to the GridControl bookmarklet. This version embeds the image right in the JS, so it loads quicker. My big problem right now with GridControl is that only really looks good on white or light backgrounds, it’s way too in-your-face on dark backgrounds. I could just make an alternate bookmarklet that uses a different image for dark backgrounds, but that would be annoying to have to have two of them around. Oh well.