Linkage Returns

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Way back when I used to do “Links of Interest” style posts. I’m happy to announce now that 1) There is a new design of this site coming within the next few weeks and 2) Linkage is coming back. I’m going to do it like it’s done currently on Digging Into WordPress, sort of Tumbr/Daring Fireball style. There will be no comments on this site for that style of post (comments should happen on the linked post). The title of the post will link right to the article, including in the RSS feed. There will be permalinks available for the posts though, for longevity’s sake.

There will not be a fast barrage of links coming in this way. I’ll only be linking to things that I find particularly interesting and that I actually have something to say about. These will be rolling out before the redesign is here, so there is data there for the new design to use when it is here.