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I’ll be heading down to Atlanta, Georgia to attend LessConf3010 on May 21/22, 2010. They can say it better than I can:

LessConf is a conference with talks ranging from startups to design to marketing to business. It’s a casual two-day event in Atlanta Georgia with awesome speakers here to inspire you. Each speaker will have a 45 minute talk followed by a 15 minute Q/A session with Steven Bristol.

It’s put on by Allan and Steve of LessEverything. It’s $402 and includes a T-Shirt, copy of REWORK, and lunch with the speakers if you are within the first 100 to sign up (still room).

I’m pretty stoked about it. I don’t get a chance to go to many conferences, but the two I’ve been to I had a great time at. I’m looking forward to the variety at this one. Some design stuff, but also startup stuff, marketing stuff, and general business stuff.

Speaker Lineup

I probably don’t have the answers to any super specific questions about it, so I’m going to turn off comments here and have you direct your questions/comments toward the conference folks themselves.