Legally Binding Electronic Signatures with eversign

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There are few things more obnoxiously tedious than being asked to sign a document over email, where they tell you to print it, sign it, scan it, and email it back. One time I Photoshopped my signature onto a document, and they were able to tell somehow and made me go through the whole rigamarole instead.

We’re working with highly sophisticated computers here, can’t I sign this thing with the web somehow? Yes, you can! As long as the company asking is using eversign, that is.

Companies of any size can use eversign, from individual freelancers to medium-sized businesses to mega corporations. You upload your documents (like a PDF contract, rental agreement, or anything else you need a legally-binding signature on) and use their wonderfully nice Document Builder UI to indicate the areas that information or signatures from who the document is being sent to.

Here’s a little video of how that works:

Then you can prepare the document to be signed by particular people, and send it to them. They can then complete and sign it and send it back to you in seconds:

What if you already have a system for preparing and handling documents? Great, eversign has a modern and powerful REST JSON API for preparing documents (and everything else you can do on eversign).

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