Learning jQuery: A Roundup Roundup

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I’ve been really getting into this jQuery phenomenon lately. jQuery is tightly tied to CSS, so if you are already comfortable with CSS and are looking for ways to expand your possibilities, jQuery is the place to be. You can achieve so many cool effects with it, and there are so many good learning resources out there for it I think it makes sense for serious web designers to start getting their hands dirty with this. In the past few weeks, I’ve come across some great tutorials and roundups that have been helping me learn, so I thought I’d share.

jQuery for Designers
I was very pleased to find this site. There are only seven posts I think, but each one of them in a gem. Four of them have really well-made screencasts that go along with them where you can watch the code as it is built and see the thought behind it. Very awesome.

Web Designer Wall: jQuery Tutorials for Designers
Nick La has an article with 10 great examples of how to do fairly simple things in jQuery like build a simple accordian and delete boxes. The entire set is downloadable free.

8 Fantastic jQuery Tutorials for Designers
I put this roundup together for TutorialBlog, which highlights some more tutorials that may have not been seen in these other roundups.

50 Amazing jQuery Examples
Sometimes a good way to learn is just by downloading examples and playing with them. Noupe is always great for big roundups and this jQuery one is no exception.

jQuery Homepage
jQuery UI