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Erik Kennedy’s course Learn UI Design is open for enrollment for less than a week. Disclosure, that link is our affiliate link. I’m linking to it here because I think this is worthy of your time and money if you’re looking to become a good UI designer.

I think of Erik sorta like the Wes Bos of design teaching. He really gets into the nitty-gritty and the why of good design. Design is tricky in that way. Adjusting some colors, spacing, and lines and stuff can feel so arbitrary at times. But you still have a sense for good and bad. The trick is honing your eye for spotting what is bad in a design and how to fix it. Erik excels at teaching that.

The course is a thousand bucks. Not very cheap. Personal lessons double that. It’s reasonable for you to have some questions.

Yes, it’s pro-quality. Yes, it’s 20 hours of video. Yes, you have lifetime access and can complete it on your own schedule. Yes, students get design jobs after completing it. Yes, there’s a student community with 1,000+ folks. Yes, you can use Sketch or Figma.

It’s a lot. It’s very modern and made to teach you how to be a designer in today’s world. So no, it’s not free or even inexpensive — but it’s good.

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