Learn Design for Developers and SVG Animation with Sarah Drasner ✨💖

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Hey, Marc here from Frontend Masters — excited to support CSS-Tricks ❤️!

Have you checked out Sarah Drasner’s courses yet? She has two awesome courses on Design for Developers and SVG! Plus another introducing Vue.js!

Design for Developers

In the Design for Developers course, you’ll learn to become self-sufficient throughout the entire lifecycle of the project — from concept to design to implementation!

You’ll learn to…

  • Code dynamic layouts and understand the principles of composition.
  • Select the typography that compliments your design by following simple rules.
  • Choose colors palettes, and understand the theories to understand why they work together.
  • Know how and when to reach for design tools such as Photoshop or Sketch.
  • Use the correct image formats for performance.
  • Prototype to quickly communicate your ideas and get your layout up-and-running.

SVG Essentials and Animation

In the SVG Essentials and Animation course, you’ll learn to build and optimize SVG – the scalable graphics format for the web that can achieve impressively small file sizes for fast-loading websites.

You’ll learn to…

  • 〰 Create platonic and custom shapes with path commands.
  • ⚡️ Optimize SVG to achieve smaller file sizes for performance.
  • 💻 Assemble new SVGs with code and graphics programs.
  • 🖱 Control complex animations and timelines with user input.
  • 💥 Leverage GreenSock’s JavaScript libraries for immersive animation effects.

Introduction to Vue.js

In the Introduction to Vue.js course, you’ll get started quickly with the Vue.js JavaScript framework!

You’ll learn to…

  • Build custom, reusable components and animate them.
  • Use props, slots, and scoped styles to create flexible components.
  • Grok advanced features like filters and mixins for transforming data.
  • Get a single page application up and running fast with the Vue-CLI.
  • Work with Vuex to manage the state of larger-scale applications.

This course is for developers with an intermediate knowledge of JavaScript who want to learn how to build and maintain complex applications quickly and efficiently.

You’ll love Sarah’s awesome courses!

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