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Sorry folks, The Band Website Template has been discontinued. It was as great run, but we’ve decided to move on to other projects and clear up the time we spent maintaining and supporting this one.

I’ve been working on this joint project for quite a while now, and it’s finally ready. Introducing the Band Website Template! Brought to you by yours truly and David Walsh.

What is the Band Website Template?

The Band Website Template is a downloadable package with everything you need to put up a website for a band. Just unzip and upload the files, create a database on your server, run the installer, and you are ready to start customizing! The primary feature is the Gig Calendar. This puts the power of editing the calendar securely into the band’s control. Shows can be added, edited, and deleted directly from the calendar page. No need for any back-end CMS or HTML editing skills.

The idea for this was born from a band website I maintain for some friends of mine. They wanted to maintain the gig calendar themselves. This was years and years ago, and my best solution at the time was to install WordPress and use a “page” for their calendar. Then they could log into WordPress and edit that page themselves. It worked, but it was way overkill and they basically needed to learn HTML anyway (the calendar was a part of a table which needed manual editing). Bad solution, and it needed a fix.

What do you get?

The Band Website Template comes with all of the files you need for a complete website. This includes all the PHP, CSS, and image files you need. You also get the original Adobe Photoshop mockup file that was used to create site, so you can make alterations to that and customize the look to your own! All of the code is clean and commented, so if you are an aspiring web developer, this would be a great project to poke around through and see how things were done.

Included in the files are a couple of modules that a band website might find useful like a little MP3 player (just point at your own MP3’s) and a sliding slideshow (just replace the images with your own).

How much is it?

The regular rate is going to be $60, but for the launch period, we are selling it for only $30!

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