Jamstack Conf 2021

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What? Jamstack Conf! It’s the best! Learn what’s happening and what’s next for this hot ecosystem.

When? , 2021

Where? Virtual / online.

How much? It’s free! There are workshops as well though, at $100 a seat.

Who? You! Oh you mean speakers? Netlify’s CEO Matt Biilmann gives the opening talk and I’d expect some zingers in there (I’ve been surprised at stuff in this talk three years in a row now). Oh look, Ben Holmes is there — remember me mentioning Slinkity the other day? And Alex Riviere — remember his CSS-Trickz that I riffed off with Astro, which Netlify is now supporting. Those are just some names I recognize. I’m equally excited about hearing from people I don’t know (yet!) and their interesting topics.

Why? Because conferences focused around important of-the-time technologies are the best. And because you can make a cool badge.

Thanks for the support Netlify!

Ooooo looks like that interesting image situation Zach was blogging about the other day is the header for this very conference.

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