It’s WordPress Week!

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Chris Coyier on

I’ve been working with WordPress a lot lately. The redesign around has had me moving lots of stuff inside WordPress and using it more and more like a real CMS (video on this). At work lately we’ve been doing a ton of WordPress sites and it’s just all up in my mind right now. So… to get it all out of my system, this upcoming week on CSS-Tricks is going to be WordPress Week! The theory here is to get it all out in one concentrated week and then return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Here is the plan:

  • Monday: What to Ask a New Client Wanting a WordPress Theme
  • Tuesday: Links of Interest (WordPress Edition)
  • Wednesday: The Very First Steps After a Fresh WordPress Install
  • Thursday: Screencast – Hodgepodge of WordPress Tricks (Woohoo! Thanksgiving!)
  • Friday: Uhm… I’ll think of something. I may expand on something from the video.