If you can build a site with WordPress.com, you should build your site on WordPress.com.

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That’s what I like to tell people. I’ve seen too many websites die off, often damaging the company along the way because the technical debt of hosting and maintaining the website is too much in the long term. For a few examples, there is the domain name itself to handle and the tricky DNS settings to go along with it. There is choosing and setting up web hosting, which often requires more long-term maintenance than many folks would like. There are SSL certificates that need to be handled and renewed. You’d better make sure security and backups and handled well, lest you risk the entire site.

Lots of stuff to think about!

Building and working on a website is hard enough without all this stress. These things are even hard enough work for seasoned web people, and often just too much entirely for people, projects, and companies that just want a dang website.

You know what? Do it on WordPress.com and worry about nothing. Just build your website and know that a great company has got your back on everything else.

To be clear, I’ve been working on websites for decades. I know a lot about what it takes to run them and what can break them. To anyone that wants to learn those things too, that’s great. I would never try to that away from anybody. And there are plenty of projects out there that need to do things that WordPress.com can’t do. But there are also a lot more projects out there suffering from forgotten web chores and abandoned responsibilities that would be and could be happily chugging along on WordPress.com.

Signing up for a WordPress.com site is not just easy, but even includes a free tier. It’s pretty incredible how quick it is to get a site online. And, if you’re at all familiar with publishing content on WordPress, then you know how simple it is to start cranking out content — and if you’re new to WordPress, well, you’re in for a treat because the editing experience is just plain delightful, especially with the new Gutenberg interface.

So, yes, regardless your skill level, type or business, team, or whatever, WordPress.com is an excellent resource and is the right call. Does it fit all use cases? No, but nothing does. I like the idea of choosing the right tool for the job and WordPress.com can certainly be the right choice for a good number of projects.

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