HTML-Ipsum Updates

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  • For the Mac, there is a menu bar application (created with, idea and special layout thanks to Jay Salvat).
  • For Windows, there is a small application as well, that minimizes to your System Tray (thanks to Andrew Turner).

New Features

  • For the Mac, there are links you can reveal to add the snippets to both TextMate (thanks to Mikkel Malmberg) and Coda (thanks to Toby Pitman).
  • For Linux, there is a link to download a file to add the snippets to GEdit (thanks to Stuart Langridge).
  • New snippets have been added like a basic empty table structure, definition list, and a basic unordered list navigation.


Originally I had functionality in there that when you clicked on any of the code it would automatically copy it to the clipboard for you. This made use some of some fancy integration with Flash to get it done. Unfortunately, with Flash 10, this no longer works and there is no work-around in site. It has been removed for now.


September 20th, 2010: HTML-Ipsum is still kicking, but it’s been simplified and much of this fancy stuff is gone. You can click-to-copy again though, which is real handy!