Ho Ho Ho!

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    you: happy-holidays !important;

Have a lovely day everyone! It’s definitely a white Christmas here in Portland. I plan to do a recap of the year next week and tell everyone just how thankful I am for this site and the community we have.

Sorry for no screencast today, I meant to get to it earlier in the week but it just didn’t happen. It should be a fun one though next week. I’ve had many requests for it =)

In other news, I have given up on WordPress search and replaced it with Google Site Search for this site. It’s not a ploy to make money, believe me, it’s just the WordPress search sucks for a site like this with quite a lot of articles on similar subjects. The Google search is much much better, and encompasses the forums as well, which is fantastic. Try it out in the sidebar and let me know what you think.

I have also added “Open Search” to the site. So if you are using an Open Search enabled browser (like Firefox), you can add CSS-Tricks to the search bar up top (the one that is normally Google). Thanks to David’s tutorial.

Ho ho ho!