Happy Fourth!

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A little fireworks display

Today is America’s birthday and also (more importantly) the birthday of CSS-Tricks, which turns 3 today. If it was a human being, that means it would be starting to string together sentences of five words or more, socializing well with others, and not wetting himself most nights. I guess it still has some work to do.

Last year I did a giveaway. Sorry to disappoint but this kinda sneaked up on me and I didn’t prepare anything. Besides, I think comment-to-win style giveaways are a little hokey. I have some things in the early stages of planning that will be far more interesting opportunities to win stuff.

I’d like to share some milestones with you. RSS feed subscribers are at a solid WTF.


I’m sure there are a lot though, so thanks to everyone for caring enough about this site to subscribe. The screencasts have been still trending downwards. I think I’m still going to try and make 100 though, just because that is a cool round number.

I’d share some other analytic data with you, but honestly, there isn’t all that much interesting to share. People come from all over the world. India is second behind the U.S. More than half the visitors use Firefox. Chrome is bigger than Safari. I serve about 2 million pageviews a month. I kinda don’t care that much about analytics. If you have a web app, you should care deeply about it. If you have a blog, you should close your Google Analytics tab and write.

I’m fairly happy with the page load speed (caching and the CDN help) but I gotta do something about the method I use to grab my latest Twitter update as that’s usually the slowest thing which is dumb for something so trivial.

We’re now in full swing of Summer, and I’m basically as busy as I’ve ever been. Fair warning, things might slow down a little around here for a little bit. Never fear though, this site is a part of me, and will be alive and kicking as long as I am. The current design of this site has lasted quite a while and I’m starting to get the re-align bug a little bit again. I wouldn’t mess with the design just to mess with it, I actually have some new ideas, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that dropped maybe in early Fall or so.

For this lovely long weekend some of us have, you should go see The Last Airbender despite the terrible reviews. My uncle made the stone weaponry for the film. Being a fan of the Nickelodean kid’s show really helped me like the movie I think, it might be confusing otherwise.

Lastly and most importantly, THANK YOU for being a part of this “web design community.”