Dave Barnes

Old timey chalk-like hand lettering. Sold.

It's like when you walk by a nice neighborhoody restaurant and the sidewalk-sign looks like it was written that day one of the employees. It looks amazing and it makes you happy for a second, and then sad a second later because this amazing artist is working food service.

Ice Lab

I think I'd classify this as "light grunge" where there is grunge-like texture, but dialed down a zillion notches from where the grunge web trend used to be.


The background is beautiful but I also like the simple headers with the extending colored stripe.

Zaarly Footer

Lovely illustration on it's own, but the price bubbles pointing to different things in the city help sell the idea of Zaarly well.

Vimeo Dropdowns

I love how the extreme rounded corners are echoed throughout the site. How the dropdown attaches to it's parent "bar" isn't an easy thing to do with just CSS, so it shows some good attention to detail.

The NEW callouts are nice too. Way to call out new features while to being too in-your-face about it.

We have a pretty good* newsletter.