Skymiles Email

I like simple design like this. Everything is very clear. It maintains the Delta branding. Important links are very clear buttons. My favorite part is how my eye is drawn to the little credit card because that's what MY credit card looks like.

Munn Envelope

I'm a sucker for old timey stuff. Look at all that stylistic stuff. So powerful. It's kinda hard to tell if it's actually old or if it's new and referencing that old style and kicking it up a notch.

iPhone Bookshelf

This is the kind of skeuomorphism that I like. It's kinda trying to look realistic but not at the expense of anything else. And the fact that it still looks kinda fake makes it look better (cleaner, clearer, straighter, etc).


I love this type-over-darkened-part-of-photo thing. Pretty tight coupling of content though, as this wouldn't work on say, a photo of bright white clouds. I also like the border between the title and text. Probably pull-offable with repeating linear gradients.

We have a pretty good* newsletter.