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Disappearing Background Graphics

Paul Smith posted about a weird CSS problem he noticed, disappearing background graphics. To quickly summarize, sometimes a DIV which is defaulting to the full width of the browser window, which also has a background image, doesn’t fill the entire width of the screen when there is horizontal scrolling. That’s a mouthful… it’s easier to see the effect than it is to explain it. Paul built a whole page explaining the phenomenon. A good place to see it in action is the Verizon site. Try narrowing your browser window until you have horizontal scroll and then scroll to the right to see the nav bar graphic “disappear”. I tried looking into this a bit, but I’m afraid I haven’t come up with a satisfactory answer yet.


Best Web Design Cheat Sheets?

This thread has some good links to some design-related cheat sheets. I like me some cheat sheets. This has got me thinking about what kind of cheat sheet would be the most useful to me right now. I’m thinking something that not only listed all the jQuery events and selectors and functions and stuff, but also had little mini-examples so I could make sure I had the syntax right.


Image Map with CSS?

Is it possible to make an image map with CSS?