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  • in reply to: test for empty response ajax #88318

    thanks alot thomas. That did the trick. Figured out it was returning a length of 1.

    in reply to: Customized TwentyTen reset with WP update #81367

    So I wasn’t sure if Child Themes was the answer in this particular situation since I had already edited alot of the twentyten template files and those would still get overwritten in an upgrade. So…I think I might have found a different solution.

    First, I changed the template name in style.css and theme directory name from twentyten to twentytenchild. Then I went into wp_options and changed the options for "template" and "stylesheet" to twentytenchild. This seemed to do the trick. I downloaded a fresh version of twentyten and dropped it in my themes folder, activated it and then re-activated twentytenchild and everything seems to be fine. The fresh twentyten theme seemed to be pulling in styles from my new stylesheet (not sure why that is happening), but since we won’t be using twentyten, this isn’t a problem for me.

    Any SQL/Wordpress wizards out there know if this might not be a good solution for some reason?

    in reply to: Customized TwentyTen reset with WP update #81330

    Thanks for your help! I’m on the child themes trail – found this tut: from the WP Codex if anybody else has the same problem. Found this one on WP too: … ild-theme/. Gonna run through them tomorrow. Thanks again.

    in reply to: Trouble Overriding #79766

    tried this:

    td.product-list-item-container[style] {
    width: 24% !important;

    Still no luck!! Is it possible that its just not possible or am I not targeting specifically enough?

    in reply to: IE testing of local WP install #67476

    Thanks alot Benjamin!

    in reply to: Thank you Chris Coyier #66543

    Thanks so much Chris!

    in reply to: Mysterious floating DIV/Missing Nav IE #60815

    It was missing a closing span tag.

    Thanks so much for the reminder on how important validation is!

    in reply to: No Template Option 2.8? #59195

    Hey Chris,

    Switching from the starkers theme to another and then right back to starkers did the trick! Thanks so much!

    in reply to: lyrics for band website #56255

    Thanks so much for the reply!

    Im gonna start going through those right now!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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