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    Thank you for the response.

    I guess this is a little over my head coding wise, i have a tendency to aim a little higher then my skills allow. I noticed that the div tag you wrapped the drop down in actually positions the logo in the wrong place. Is this possible to make it work or is that part of the problem you are describing?
    i guess this would be easier if i only need this menu for desktop views? i think i will downgrade smaller screens to a regular menu to save the trouble.

    Again, thank you for taking the time,

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    Thanks that worked pretty well! Now it looks and works as i wanted.

    I used a SVG optimizer, i know Peter Collingridge has a good one on his site.

    try chunching it thru there, it removes all excess code from the svg files. im not sure if i understand what you mean by copying it, but signatures that involves coded svg files are hard to copy, because it just copies the image that is shown, not the code that shows it.

    Hope that helped.


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    Hi Snaser!

    Thanks for the feedback. i Changed my logo to inline and used the svg code in stead. Works nicely, and the fallback for gmail with png also renders as expected.

    I did not totally understand what your problem was, but i will try to help if i can.. Would you explain a little more?

    I have one last little issue that i cant seem to figure out. The text formatting disappears when i add the signature to my email client.. No bold text, no colors only black text with the same size.

    Any idea what is causing that?

    My signature CodePen.


    I am hosting them on my website and when i go to the direct link i download a font that works.

    I tried google with no luck.

    Thanks anyway!

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    Atelierbram, thanks for helping me out on this project. now i´m really happy about the new menu. Ive gotten better at CSS and JS, so i´m hoping the next challanges are easier to solve.
    last little question, the display: flex; shows two word text on two lines. Is there a way to force it to show all items on one line, then use the following code to hide it for mobile?

    @media only screen and (max-width: 900px) {
      #fancy-nav {
        flex-direction: column;
      #fancy-nav #magic-line-two {
      visibility: hidden;


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    Ps. dev-tools and inspecting elements has helped me a lot, but with active menu items and so on it didnt really do any difference..

    here is a no-privilage user if you are curious :)
    Motion Air Website.
    user: Atelierbram
    pw: 6^3pZ3!M1YGofNcSbJdxVJYB

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    Hi again Atelierbram!

    Im slowly getting closer to my dream menu for my webside, much thanks to you!

    Im afraid that my WP theme support does not cover customization of menus, so i have met a wall when it comes to the .current-menu-item I tried adding it directly over the them menu code with no luck.. are there any tips or directions you can point to ?

    I did some testing in This CodePen Test. with no luck.. now it just stays orange, and the mountain (what used to be a mask) is still stuck in the middle… I thaught that when linking to “#” the movement code should work in the test also?

    Either way, i started tweaking the animation speed, and cant really say i get anywhere there either.. (added the duration: “slow”, tag with no luck

    $("#fancy-nav a").hover(function() {
    $el = $(this);
    leftPos = $el.position().left;
    newWidth = $el.parent().width();
    left: leftPos,
    width: newWidth,
    duration: "fast",
    //backgroundColor: $el.attr("rel")

    My main code pen.

    If you have any more tips, that would be great! if not i have to thank you for getting me here :)


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    Thank you Atelierbram, much appreciated!

    The menu is getting much more like i want it. I now understand more CSS, and all the problems regarding spacing and image placement are resolved.
    The last problem however i cant seem to figure out.

    The Menu Pen.

    JS is a little less visual and i have absolutely no experience with it. The problem is i implemented it into my WP site behind a password and it is still not working.
    The Jquery is working, so the mask is visible and moving but the orange Motion Air link stays orange and the mask is always hovering over the same item after i refresh a new page.

    Do i need some customizations to fit it to my site?

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    Thanks, those are great examples. Exactly what ive been looking for.

    I have some follow up questions if that is ok. I have been testing for a while now, and there are a few of things i dont understand.
    My Magic Line Fork.

    The #fancy-nav is float right, with width to 50%, why is it not in the middle?

    When i hover interviews and contact the image is not centred over the button, where/what do i edit to change that? This problem also changes when i edit text size..

    Also the image doesent stick over a new menu after it is clicked.. this is the java part, which i know nothing about..

    Is there a way to add this effect to the built in menu in my wordpress theme.. Im thinking this is a bigger job, but is it enough for me to work with the selectors and classes provided in the link below?
    Theme CSS class index.

    Thanks again, a lot!

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