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  • in reply to: text-indent: -9999px = bad seo? #72320

    Hmmm.. Yea, okay. Well, thanks for the response. Your solutions are the same output as text-indent: -9999px… The idea isn’t trying to fool google… noone can do that, not for long atleast. The idea is to FOLLOW their rules, because they set them… if Google says the sky is purple, it’s purple, or we suffer. :<

    in reply to: Getting my name out there #68879

    Then go for it!

    There are always exceptions to the general outcome of things… So, if you work hard and surround yourself with correct information and good resources, you’ve got a great shot.

    Best of luck!

    in reply to: Are CSS Menus black hat? #68856

    Whoever told you this may have been trying to say, or I hope atleast, that putting additional content to bolster your search rank then put a display:none on it, is considered "black hat."

    I.e… I want people to check out a site on.. black hats. I put a bunch of keywords like this at the very top of the page…


    best black hats of best quality made in usa made of fine italian leather imported here by black hat and hats company of italy with finest leather in gift hat, black hats for friends and for your brother, mother, sister, great gift idea black hat

    Take that example, and now make it 10x longer.

    Now, its a h1 tag, so thats supposed to be optimized, but, its jumbled words, that would look quite stupid on a website.(Even though that doesn’t stop most people it seems) So, to have my site still look nice, I wrap the display: none around it so its not shown, but in the source(how a search engine reads the site) it will look like the best damn website for a black hat that is a gift for a family member made out of the best materials. :P

    Display: none content that is actually able to be seen via ajax or simple :hover, and doesn’t appear 50x on the same page, is fine. But hey, I’m no SEO expert! ;P

    in reply to: Getting my name out there #68855

    Here’s a few tips:

    a) make sure you have your own website that best displays your ability.
    b) make a small presentationintroductory packet on you and your business and services.
    c) go to door to door, only to people who can actually benefit from a website, and ask if they’d be interested in learning about your services and what you can do for them.
    d) readily have available your packet and business card everywhere you go. You never know who you may meet.
    e) be as prepared as possible. people will look at you like a 17 year old kid, and unfortunately, "17 year old kid" often goes along with irresponsible, incapable, and inexperienced. try to prove them wrong.
    f) do more research on the web… there is a plethora of information on how to do business. Expect to do hours and hours upon hours of research… you will learn many things that are important and vital to proper business practice and success, and things that you will most likely never find on a forum, much less a forum for tips and tricks on Cascading Style Sheets. ;)

    Or, a better route then trying to "make a living out of what i’m good at", is not going the freelancer route right away. There is simply too much involved, and unless you already have business experience and understand taxes, liability, etc, you could really screw yourself. I would recommend submitting your portfolio to an actual design firm, looking to be an apprentice, or if you’re really that good, a hired job straight away. You can then learn the ropes, and maybe, possibly, one day be a freelance designer. There is so much involved in getting and doing your own business to actually make a living, that, I can only guess, at 17, you have no clue about. I’m not talking about making 300 bucks after a month of work for a mom and pop bakery. Making a living as a freelance webdesigner = multiple, several thousand dollar paying clients a year at least.

    The reason I say all this, is because when you’re dealing with real clients, you aren’t dealing with a "family friend." You’re dealing with someone who is expecting a product to be delivered because they are paying you real money. You *need* to be prepared for everything, not play it by ear.

    in reply to: Finding a good code editor for windows… really. #68500

    Doc… Have you configured DW somehow to not be so slow when interacting with FTP? This is my biggest problem with it. Not only that, you don’t have complete freedom with the FTP. Sure, you can work remotely on the FTP setup, but if u want sync power and FTP, you are pretty much forced to work always with your local files, then upload it. I don’t know, just really messes up my workflow and I feel like it takes me forever to do things. Not only that, but I’ve worked on a few things where someone else has edited the remote file… And what do I do? Edit *my* local file, then upload it.. Opps, now all their work is gone. I know thats a specific scenario, but still, something about DW just erks me.

    E-Texteditor is nice… However, have you not had it crash on you multiple times? I’ve had it crash on me 5+ times a day for 5 days straight and I’m not exaggerating. What plugins do you use for your enhancements? I went looking through them and didn’t see anything that stuck out really as being useful, but I could have easily passed over something. Not only that, but the FTP support on E is very limited as well it seems. Unless I’m missing the plugins of all plugins! I have no problem paying 35 or whatever it is for it, but if it keeps crashing and isn’t what I’m looking for FTP wise… I’m not sure about this WinSCP, but I’ll give it a look after this post. Seriously though, I’d be interested to know which plugins you use for E.

    And yes, it is quite the rant, because after downloading so many editors, trying them all out, finding the same crap with all of them, I just wish i could use Coda. Simple as that. :|

    in reply to: Should I use a CMS #66991

    Always use a CMS… preferably WordPress! Its great for a site with literally one page, or a site with a zillion. Thanks to the plugins, you can easily add in elements, that would otherwise take you quite a while to conjure. Not only that, but as average peopleclients do research and find out more and more about CMS as being a given in any production, they may look down on you for not using them. I was doing research the other day and came across this designer’s site that must of had 30-40 pages? All .html. Just that though alone made me think of the old days when I did the same, and when I finally switched over, there was no turning back. WordPress forever! I only have one site now that is still HTML and its only 4 pages total, and hasnt been updated in 3 years, and is a friend of mine who I did as a favor, so I won’t spend my time putting it over for nothing. But any new project? yes, always a CMS.

    in reply to: Anyone use E Text Editor? #66996

    I use e-text editor. But like Rob, I don’t use "auto-close" the tag… In fact, I’m not sure if it has it or not. I used to use Dreamweaver (code view only of course) and I’m never going back.

    In fact, I want to use Coda, but they’re never releasing on Windows… I was thinking of switching over to mac, literally just for Coda. I didn’t buy CS5, like most people, I buy every other. But, I was thinking that if I were to have a Mac, I would buy ONLY Photoshop CS5 for Mac, then buy Coda, and forget the rest of the design suite. I don’t use InDesign, I dont use Dreamweaver anymore, I open Illustrator twice a year, and I dont need bridge and all that extra crap. And I use Flash twice a year, which my efforts result in nothing.

    in reply to: Best solution for a WordPress Ecommerce site? #67017

    Hey Luminated,

    I too am starting a project with wp e-commerce. We should help each other out if the other needs… So far, I’ve discovered that you don’t need to purhcase the gold cart, just for the grid view? that can be accomplished by CSS, I’m 99.9% positive. Secondly, the most awesome feature, which if you find out how to replicate for free, please let me know, is that drag to cart thing. Its on panic’s site for t shirts. Only thing I’ve found so far is in mootools(via google search). I would like to add this into the site, but I don’t want to guarantee them without knowing I can do it.

    Anyhow, I’ll post the site here once I’m done, and keep you updated on my progress with wp e-commerce. I literally had the same question, and posted roughly 3 weeks ago. I researched and demo’d tons and tons of solutions, even Magento. Magento is good for ecommerce… if you’re selling 10,000 things and you want it to look like target or something. But other then that… I read a post that one guy was running wp e-commerce with 3,000 items. Pretty impressive.

    in reply to: WordPress Frameworks #66851

    Well, you’d do the same with these frameworks.. as each of the three mentioned above, Hybrid, Thematic, and Carrington, all have "bare-bone" themes to start with.

    Here’s my thoughts after I was able to spend a couple hours away from the computer… For me personally, I may be just going back to Starkers. It works fine for me, and as today is proof, I spent more time trying to figure out the frameworks, then some things just weren’t out correctly, and the way it was, wasn’t even using the power of the frameworks, but I technique I’ve used for a while with plain ole starkers. So, it makes me wonder, why even have the framework? Now, before I give up, I’ll be giving thematic another whirl, and look at Carrington again as well. However, I bet I won’t use either, and just get back to making my design work on wordpress and adding functionality through custom page templates and plugins. Maybe eventually I can evolve Starkers into my own little framework that works for me. But thats the other problem too.. Every website is different. Just like you don’t using a CSS framework because you want complete control, thats how I feel with the framework after tinkering around with it for almost 2 days. Maybe I’m doing everything incorrectly? Hybrid is hard, because to get proper support, you need to pay for it. Well, I don’t feel like paying for something up front when I can possibly learn it just from the WordPress codex, or get the same result, with well documented, and free, support pages from Thematic. We’ll see.

    Just, after spending hours to get my new project not even looking the way I want it to, and taking forever for the layout to work correctly with the widgets.. Forget it. I’ll just go back to my simple one bar widget and custom field template. If I need a second widget area, I’ll make it myself and know exactly where its going to wind up.


    in reply to: WordPress Frameworks #66842

    Well, the word "frameworks" can be vastly interpreted… Starkers can technically be called a framework because its something to build around a pre-existing "frame." And I have quite a bit of experience working with Starkers… it wasn’t until a week ago, that I started looking into the larger, more complex "frameworks" These frameworks, like Carrington, Hybrid, and Thematic, are used as Parent themes, and have tons of hooks, widget areas, etc. Now, its learning how the framework operates, and making your own child theme starting from a barebone theme offered by relative framework, that is the learning curve. Simply because someone has said "You can take route 1-20"… With Starkers, you are pretty much told "You are at the starting point, and there are no routes.. You create your one route."

    That’s the best analogy I can come up with differentiating the two. Starkers isn’t really a parent theme, although it could be technically.

    Anyhow, I’ll stick with Hybrid for another week, I really only started working with it yesterday. I’m learning more about the child functions and the hooks, so now I have a better understanding of the overall possibilities.. nearly endless. The question I guess is, is that too much? And, would it be more beneficial just to continue using starkers and just create your own custom template pages and css. So far, I think I’m working in the middle… not taking a finished child theme and altering it(again, change 2-3 images and its your design? No thanks.) but using the "Skeleton" theme from Hybrid, which is somewhat like Starkers in that its stripped… of content and style.

    in reply to: WordPress Frameworks #66839

    I guess because I can’t quite harness the awesome power that is a framework, I don’t understand and can’t see the full potentialreason to use one. I’m using Hybrid now on my company’s redesign, and I’m just make my own page templates so far. using a couple functions, but thats it really. And the function was only done just to use a non submenu wp_list_pages. I know the idea is to just use the functions so you dont mess up the framework files and your own theme files when you upgrade the framework, but it seems like its even more code to write in there….

    Maybe I need to look to a less intense Framework? The thing that keeps pulling me back is that all the framework websites say how "this is just so amazing, and once you get past the learning curve, you’ll never turn back" sort of thing. Well, it seems I was fairing fine without one before… Maybe the answer is just to create me own simple framework based off Starkers or something?

    in reply to: Methods of adding multi plugins for wp? #66088

    Plugin Central! amazing.

    in reply to: Anyone try these 3 eCommerce solutions? #65997

    Sorry for my brief and akward posts… left arm is in a sling for the next 6 weeks… :

    I guess I need to do some more research into all three… While I like the idea of foxycart’s "add into a site…" the site i’m going to be making is going to be 95% products. Plus, and although it’s not much, a small monthly fee.

    The wp plugin has me wondering because there are multiple other licenses to buy upfront for extending functionality, etc. Could save in the long run, but of course…

    That’s why I look to Magento… It’s free, and seems to be mostly well supported and capable… Sounds like a good friend of mine named WordPress.

    Hmmm. Any other thoughts especially on the other two are much appreciated.

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