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  • in reply to: Community Thanks. #77911

    I agree with your thanks
    just reading the comments I’ve learned too

    from Valparaiso, Chile

    in reply to: Forms in WordPress #78220

    you may used $_SESSION variables

    in reply to: Contact Form: Validation & Deployment #78246

    cubedMedia, i saw your site, i think is this, right?

    if you have your own domain, use it, don’t put a mailto:*@bellsouth.
    create you email address, like,">

    jQuery, do not, send email, ok? but you can easily validate the form with the validate plugin

    validate plugin

    php send email, you know this,
    you can also validate here, but is more work.
    for send a email you should use the mail() function
    I am from Chile so the code is in spanish.

    $Nombre = htmlspecialchars($_POST[Nombre]);
    $email= htmlspecialchars($_POST[email]);
    $fono = htmlspecialchars($_POST[fono]);
    $mensaje = htmlspecialchars($_POST[mensaje]);

    $recipiente = "YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS";
    $sw = "index.php";
    $msg = "El Sr: $Nombre, envia el formulario con los siguientes datos:nnnn

    Nombre: $Nombre
    e-mail: $email
    Fono: $fono
    Mensaje: $mensajenn";

    if (empty($Nombre)){
    echo "

    Error: No ha
    ingresado su Nombre.

    } else if(empty($fono)){
    echo "

    Error: No ha
    ingresado su Telefono.

    } else if(empty($mensaje)){
    echo "Error: No ha
    ingresado su Mensaje.

    //Limpiamos de posibles ataques.

    $mensaje = ereg_replace("rn","
    ", $mensaje);

    mail("$recipiente", "YOUR TITLE", "$msg", "FROM: $email");

    echo"Señor/es $Nombre.

    Le agradecemos de antemano la confianza depositada en nuestra empresa.

    Le informamos que hemos recibido su petición de información correctamente

    y en breves fechas nos pondremos en contacto con usted.

    Atte. MI EMPRESA.

    Volver a la pagina de inicio.";

    you can translate with the service.
    ( strange but

    tag is tranlate as FACEBOOK )

    look at the variables $_POST because your input need to name as it.
    html page.

    the class required is for validate plugin works

    the name = email send to php page as


    any question. just ask

    in reply to: a tree like problem, table #81400

    I’ll try to explain it better.

    the model is so.

    a program may have many MENTIONS
    Mention may have many ARRANGEMENTS

    now I’m trying to do that when I click on Add mention, add an endorsement (works ok)
    option displays the Add mode, which works ok, but with a catch:
    mention that when I add other ways I can not keep adding to the first mention.

    went up to a hosting so they can watch online

    deleting it works ok, (X)
    greetings …

    un dibujo.

    en español por si acaso.

    voy a tratar de explicarlo mejor.

    el modelo es asi.

    un PROGRAMA puede tener muchas MENCIONES
    una MENCIONES puede tener muchas MODALIDADES

    ahora, estoy intentando hacer que cuando hago click en Agregar mencion, agregue una mencion ( funciona ok )
    se despliega la opcion de Agregar MOdalidad, que funciona ok, pero con un pero:
    que cuando agrego otra mencion no puedo seguir agregando modalidades a la primera mencion.

    subi a un hosting para que lo puedan ver online

    lo de borrar funciona ok, (la X)

    in reply to: Order.js on Custom Order Form #81374

    thanks for sharing,

    in reply to: Dynamic Order Form [PLUS] #65628


    var $this = $(this);

    var numPallets = $this.val();
    var multiplier = $this
    .find(“td.num-pallets2 input”)

    if ( (IsNumeric(numPallets)) && (numPallets != ”) ) {

    var rowTotal = numPallets * multiplier;

    .css(“background-color”, “white”)
    .find(“td.row-total input”)

    //rowTotal <- esto e muestra en row-total input $('.num-pallets-input3').blur(function(){ var $this = $(this); var tax = $this.val(); if ( (IsNumeric(numPallets)) && (numPallets != '') ) { var rowTotal2 = tax * rowTotal; $this .css("background-color", "white") .parent().parent() .find("td.row-total2 input") .val(rowTotal2); }; }); } else { $this.css("background-color", "#ffdcdc"); }; calcProdSubTotal(); calcTotalPallets(); calcShippingTotal(); calcOrderTotal(); }); });

    por si alguien lo quiere….

    maybe someone else need this….
    thank For The INSPIRATION …

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