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    Hey Guys,

    I am building my new website and its being staged right now at

    I am experiencing a couple problems that i would appreciate some expertise with.

    1) On the "Work" page, the nav interferes with the work subnav link, for a visual on this problem see the following screenshot:
    I tried z indexing this but it doesn’t seem to work, not sure if this is because one is positioned relative and the other fixed….? HELP!

    2) When you click a nav item the appropriate nav item had a class added via jquery to make it active (change of colour), this is done using a sprite. When the page loads the "Home" nav tab is give the active class (hard coded). My question is if i give out the URL as: — it automatically takes them to the work page but the home is still getting the active class.

    Is there a way with jQuery to check the address bar URL and if it contains the word "work" for example, append the active class to the work tab instead of home….??

    note i have not cross browser tested yet but these issues are the same across all browsers.

    any help is appreaciated. thanks.


    update: i fixed #1 by placing the nav inside the wrapper. now it works just right.

    but im having trouble FIXING the nav in IE6. i saw the code snippit on css tricks ( … g-in-ie-6/) to fix position in ie6 but it does not work even when i look on the css-tricks example (


    It looks like the pngfix for the images is not working in IE6.


    yeah its not but i adjusted ie6 to just use jpgs instead of pngs in most cases. just got to apply a fix to the nav background.

    but im not really too concerned with that now, moreso the issue i brought up in the original post.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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