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    I have a slideshow that I am trying to position a div with a transparent .png background drop shadow edge in it. It shows directly below the red horizontal bar with the social media icons in it. Problem is though I can’t get it on top of the actual slides in the slide show. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Can you see what I am missing?

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    Hey, I almost went to Rose-Hulman, haha. Anyways, if it’s the .slidecontent-shadow, just add position: absolute; rather than position:relative;

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    Thanks Chris! I thought I had tried that, but apparently not. Rose is a great school. Where did you end up going?

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    Not a problem! Yeah, positioning can be a headache sometimes.

    I actually ended up going to Purdue for a bit, then switching to IUPUI when I realized I spent most of my time working and not using the campus, haha.

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