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    I’ve mocked up a page using that has has several elements fixed in a div under which the content of the of the page is to flow. The background of this div is a CSS gradient, and has a height of 100% (if the gradient is applied to to the actual body of the page it doesn’t actually extend the whole width of the page). As the user scrolls up, the content is to be viewable behind an opaque menu.

    The layout works as I want in FF and Chrome, but the content of the page scrolls over the fixed upper area in IE7.

    I understand that a new stacking context is being created, but I’ve been unable to resolve this by fiddling with the z-index of the elements in question, or their parents. I know I can consolidate some of the extra divs used by the grid, but I’ve been unable to do so in a way that keeps the gradient and transparency effects.

    How can I achieve this look in IE7?


    hi ,it’s really hard to give an answer without seeing the code
    put the code and we will try to work it out for you
    good luck


    @amelmgd, the user has already provided a link to the website, which is better than any code that they could post here.


    yes, amelmgd, that link is the site in question. Any suggestions?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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