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    it would be great if you could look into that:

    on under IE8 (Vista, Win7) I have the problem, that the camera images, that are streamed from within <object> tag scroll above the fixed navigation and not below. Compare – there it works well, all content scrolls below the navi with the same style applied.

    I don’t understand where the problem might be. The code within the <object> tag is:


    // If Internet Explorer under Windows then use ActiveX
    output = ‘‘;
    output += ‘‘;
    output += ‘‘;
    output += ‘‘;
    output += ‘‘;
    output += ‘‘;
    output += ‘
    Axis Media Control
    output += ‘The AXIS Media Control, which enables you ‘;
    output += ‘to view live image streams in Microsoft Internet’;
    output += ‘ Explorer, could not be registered on your computer.’;
    output += ‘
    document.Player.ToolbarConfiguration = “play,+snapshot,+fullscreen”

    For more context you might want to see directly into the code. Maybe there is a problem, how the div="inhalt" tag is set.

    This is the CSS rule:
    div#Inhalt {
    left: 50px;
    top: 172px;
    right: 50px;
    width: 500px;
    padding-top: 50px;
    padding-left: 300px;
    padding-right: 100px;

    Thanks everybody in advance!


    P.S. If there is no image or something boring going on, don’t care it’s only for testing.


    Without looking at it too long, try setting the z-index to be much higher (99).


    Thanks TheDoc,

    after trying around with z-index and guessing it could have to do with the object being placed in a table (which turned out not to be the problem) I found this: … ?cid=E5141

    It seems, that what is described above for the <object> Tag and Flash seems to cause the problem for my ActiveX object. However, I couldn’t transfer the solution that was available for Flash objects to my ActiveX object.

    Here is, what they propose for Flash objects (using Dreamweaver, but you can also do it directly in the code):

    If you have already published you can make a change to your HTML code using either Dreamweaver’s Property inspector or by editing manually. To use Dreamweaver:

    1. Select the Flash movie in your document in design view.
    2. Choose Parameters in the Properties inspector.
    3. In the Parameter column, enter wmode. In the Value column, enter either transparent or opaque.
    4. Save your document.

    If you prefer to edit your HTML by hand, there are two areas you need to tweak:

    1. To the Object tag, add the following parameter (opaque is shown as an example):
    <param name="wmode" value="opaque">

    2. To the Embed tag, add the following attribute:

    There is no Embed tag for ActiveX, so I can not make it opaque. Searching the web didn’t return a useful result. Also I tried to put the whole ActiveX object onto another html-page and included that through an z-indexed i-frame into the front page. No luck at all.


    francishunger, did you solve this problem?

    I am having this same issue with an active x object on a page (an excel spreadsheet, owc11), but I haven’t figured out how to solve it, because there is no embed tag…

    It works just fine in IE6 (no z-index problem), but not in IE7 or IE8 where the object places itself floating above dropdown menus and popups.

    So I am curious on how it can be solved.



    Thank you! I was pulling my hair out over this, but entering the following parameter into the object worked great for me:


    Also, here is a link that helped me understand what IE is doing with objects and z-index. Still ridiculous: … ?cid=E5141

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