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    Hello – I’ve got a custom Google map that I’ve generated through, and I have a decent understanding of JavaScript and the code it’s provided. All is well except one thing: I can’t get the marker for the actual business I’m trying to highlight to show up on top. Google’s documentation says you can add a z-index in JS at the end of the marker line — i.e. lat, lng, z-index, but this doesn’t seem to be working.

    This is where I tried to add it — position: new google.maps.LatLng(locations[i].lat, locations[i].lng, i)

    I’m basically trying to use the existing counter variable (“i”) in the JS “for” loop that generates each marker on the map, to also represent z-index. So as each one is added, “i” increases, so the highest number will apply to the last marker in the list. That’s where I put the business represented on the website (Russell Hall). I had hoped this would get it to show up on top, but no luck. Any ideas on how to accomplish this would be hugely appreciated!

    CodePen link here:
    Actual site in progress here:

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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