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    Hi All,
    I have nearly finished a web site for a friends company, your thoughts on layout, functionality etc would be appreciated. Many thanks to Chris for his tutorials which have helped to write this.


    Hi Athelstan,

    First off let me say, good job on this project.

    Looking through the code you seem to have made a nice job of it indeed.

    Really liking the main nav, with the spotlights. A great touch for the theme of the site.

    What I noticed however is that you seem to be running the default browser font for your content? I couldnt find any font-family declarations in your CSS file. I really suggest you define at least a base serif font for the sake of readability. Verdana, Arial, Helvetica.. you can’t go wrong with any of these.

    I don’t have any major beefs with the layout, I’m not overly keen on the colour scheme you have used for the main area. I think the font-blue and the background colour clash somewhat. Feel free anyone to trip me up on that I am mildly colour blind and not always correct on those issues ! But I think I would rather see either the background made lighter, or the font colour made lighter and of same hue as the background it’s sitting on. It’s not a huge struggle in terms of readability, but I think you could improve it slightly.

    Also debatable, but perhaps a slight increase in line-height on your paragraphs could help out with readability to. Though stressing, it’s not bad as is. I’m just looking from a tweaking perspective.

    All in, you’ve made a nice job of that. Im sure it will help your friend get some extra business. Good work!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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