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    I’m in the “non” camp.

    Although, I did find something interesting the other day when talking to someone at Google. I haven’t had time to verify or look into it at all, but she mentioned that you can see in Google Webmaster Tools that both the www and non www are treated differently. Since the “www” version was being crawled more often, she recommended we switch the site from no www to actually force the www. Very weird.

    But unless something like that happens – I’m with those that point the www to the non www url.

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    Cheers all, I’m thinking for moving forward with customer sites I’ll recommend the non-www.

    Our own site it’ too late, we’ve finally got into the top 3 for all of our search terms so don’t want to fiddle with it.

    As others have suggested make sure you setup HTAccess properly to redirect to your chosen configuration regardless of which people may be typing in. Nothing frustrates me more than getting a 404 for a domain without www redirecting.

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    I could be wrong but I hardly think the addition (or lack of) a WWW would affect search rankings but as you say, better not mess with success.

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    @paulie_d with or without is all the same to Google (they have publicly said as much). What they say is just make sure you’re as consistent as possible and to use the canonical meta attribute to make sure search engines see it as one page, with or without www.

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