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    Just wanted to get some feedback on a design if anyone has a sec:

    It’s still in the development phase. The main feature image is going to be a javascript scrolling through images thing, which will explain who the site is for etc.




    Site is really look nice….Design is simple and clean but that background image of a grass is so bright don know but my head start spinning after seeing it constantly..plz don mind :D


    Thanks for your thoughts. I’ll take that on board.


    Rob MacKay

    maybe just have the background fixed – then it wont move and cause involuntary muscle spasm in people like creative ;) :D


    Thanks, good idea.


    hi ,

    Do me a favor can u plz give some feedback on my web page….i m eagerly w8ing for somebody’s reply


    great site the grass could be better though.


    Tis a nice site design – modern and yet informative, I like it. The only things you need to do are these – tone down the background image, it draws attention away from the content, and change the rollover effect on the menu – it is as if the menu items disappear they are so dark! Maybe just underline on hover or something like that?

    Apart from that – I like it a lot.



    nay, Jimmyjimjim,

    Structurally, you are sound. Everything looks to be where it should be. Bravo, that is a difficult step that many people that ask for advice don’t get on the 1st time around.

    Now, design wise we may have a couple issues!

    1. The grass background. It’s very busy and distracting. I would try perhaps have a light green background with the grass on top of it but maybe around 10-20% opacity. It should still have the same desired effect, but it will be far less distracting to the eye.

    2. Red & Green. That’s a tough combo unless you’re selling Christmas Cricket Bats. Colors can be hard if you don’t have an eye for it. Kuler can certainly help (but don’t rely on it too heavily!). Here’s a color scheme that I think would go very well (perhaps with a bit of a richer brown/green on the ends of the spectrum):

    3. Typography. Again, not something that gets perfected overnight. Every site requires something different. I think you have some good elements (main font, "Clever Cricket" logo at the top), but you lose me here: Our Services and Why Us? headers. It looks like you’re using… Cooper Std there? No good, no good. If you want something serif, I’d stick with Georgia. The text under "More Brain for your Ball" looks to be oddly spaced out. I’d recommend just making that whole thing an image, text-indenting everything to the left and calling it a day.

    4. Links. The hover state on your nav is too dark. Consider revising. Also, for your main body links, I like how they’re underlined, that is good, but there should still be a slight change on hover. I would recommend notching up the brightness of the green (VERY minimally) on hover. You don’t want them to really notice a change in color, it needs to be subtle.

    I think that’ll about do it from me for now!



    Thanks heaps everyone for the suggestions and good words.

    Doc, some great pieces of advice, really appreciated. I agree with you on the colour scheme particularly. I’ll try work it all into the design.

    I’d better get to work!


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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