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    What do yall think.


    How about asking a question? Are you asking for a critique?

    At the moment it’s an ‘under construction’ site so I have nothing to offer as there is no information of note on the whole frickin’ page.

    I’m inclined to think you just spammed us.


    I believe “What do yall think” is a question…


    It’s a question with no semantic content.

    At the moment, I’m thinking about the hot chick who’s sitting in the coffee-shop opposite me but if you want more I’ll play along.

    It’s orange. Good luck.


    @brettfrable It looks pretty good. I would scrap the typeface on the h2, h3 and anywhere else that’s using ‘Tall Films’. It’s terrible. On the email and social buttons, I’d like to see a thin (1px) black border (example below).

    Here is an optimized version of your background


    the background took about 5 – 10 seconds to load, and i’m on a pretty damn fast connection

    other than that, pretty good


    This page doesn’t tell me a single thing about what the site is/will be about — hence it does not give me any reason to sign up or be interested in updates. You may want to give the visitor a little more information.

    Also, unless you’re on the “our site does not support IE” bandwagon, you’re completely excluding people who have IE8 or lower.


    @karlpcrowley You can also use ‘save for web & devices’ in Photoshop.


    Design is nice, but, to be honest, if it’s for a website design/development type of thing, I don’t think people want to know when the site is going to be released – if someone needs a website, they’re not going to wait around for your site to be up.

    Also, I agree with @karlpcrowley – fix the form error message (as I didn’t even realise it gave you one at first).


    People need information: what is this Frable thingy?

    And I think that there should be a little more space around the form element, both for the error and for breathing space.

    I don’t get why the title is mainly a link, but the bottom isn’t. And I also thing that all the text should be cursor: default;

    And the whole website took a hell of a long time to load.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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