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    Hello everyone,

    I’m trying to use a Wufoo form for the Contact Us section of a site I’m building, but when I publish the code, nothing appear in the website page.

    I’m placing the Wufoo code via the HTML tab, and when I go to the Text tab I’m able to see the form, but not when I publish the page.

    I go to ‘See Source’ and the Wufoo code is there, it’s just not rendering.

    If I put any other HTML content, it shows correctly on the page.

    Wufoo provides a JavaScript code or an iframe code, tried with both and none render.

    I’ve already installed the TinyMCE plugin to see if that would fix any rendering issues, but nothing, Wufoo form doesn’t show at all.

    Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

    Thank you,


    Neither <script> nor <iframe> are part of the WordPress allowed HTML tags list which means they will be stripped from your post when you try to publish it.

    You should create a custom template for your contact page and paste the Wufoo form in there, or use a custom field.




    Hello davesgonebananas,

    Yes, (after doing some research) building a custom template seems to be the easiest solution, thanks a lot for your help.

    I’m so new to working with WordPress… I don’t see any logical reason not to be able to publish any type of code you want within your CMS to put your website together. Using an ‘only for blogging’ CMS to build a corporate site doesn’t really make sense but since everyone does it, well, I decided to give it a try.

    The experience hasn’t been as pleasant as I thought so far :|

    Thanks again.


    Most CMS have some sort of restrictions on what HTML tags the user can input, including some that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The reason being that the end user of the product probably doesn’t understand the nuances of (x)HTML, and therefore may break something if you give them too much power. Of course, most CMS have a much easier way of turning this off too!

    I must admit that I am a big WordPress advocate, but this stems not from the inner workings of the product but the sheer ease of use that offers the end user. Of all the systems I put in front of my clients, WordPress is the one that continues to impress.

    The idea is that you (the designer) provide the end user with a custom template or a plugin that provides all the functionality they need. This leaves the content area of the post/page for simple content that the end user can manage themselves. I think this is a much more elegant solution than "don’t edit this page it might break", but that’s just a personal preference.

    So anyway, there’s a couple of filters that you can turn off to make WordPress "get out of the way". They are wpautop and wptexturize. There is a handy plugin that can help you with this process (and more). It’s called Text Control. You should definitely check it out as it might make your life a bit easier.

    Hope your future dealings with WordPress are happier :D


    Hello davesgonebananas, sorry for my delay.

    The reason of my delay was that I was trying everything you suggested, and well, nothing worked.

    I went ahead and created a custom page since it was a lot easier than a custom field (which I honestly didn’t understand much how it worked anyhow), but the custom page still doesn’t show the Wufoo form.

    I installed wptexturize and turned it on. Nothing happened, Wufoo form doesn’t show.

    I had wpautop already installed.

    I installed Text Control and tried playing with its options (which I don’t understand what they do or mean, even after reading the author’s notes). Nothing happened, Wufoo form doesn’t show.

    I don’t know what to think about this, such A SIMPLE task of displaying a Wufoo contact form using WordPress proved impossible.

    I would LOVE to be able to do simple stuff in WordPress but this ‘blogging’ CMS just lacks that simplicity, not even with plugins I was able to make the stup… (sorry, I’m very frustrated) form show in the page.


    Well, I guess is back to basics where all the pages of the site are static :shock:

    Thanks for your help davesgonebananas.

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