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    Can someone take a look at my site and help me figure out this bizzare thing..

    When I look at the site through fire bug, it shows that my topbar, content, etc, are in the wrapper as I intended.. but when I tried to put in background image to the wrapper div it never showed up. I think looked at the site through web developer in firefox to see where it was. Web developer shows it as a smaller sliver up towards the top as if it is Not containing/wrapping around the other divs. Fire bug shows those divs within the wrapper as I said. Can anyone figure out why this is happening.

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    I can see the image of the wrapper when I looked at firebugs code, so I took the link and seen the image, then went to the site, that image you linked to is in the site as far as I can see.

    its a blueish white banner about 900x148px

    edit: have you changed the site? it has small dark corners around certain divs now. not really looking lined up either, sorry just an observation.

    your wordpress sidebar is not as long as your main content, if this is intended great, but if not, make the container div have the same background

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    OK i figured out that I have to set a fixed height.. not auto or 100%.. I think

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