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    I have had this problem forever now. I want my WP polls to work. And I emailed another WP expert the other day what was wrong and he said I was missing wp_head and wp_footer (PHP lines) and so I added those. He also said the polls would work and that the admin bar would show. ( I still got no results by that. BUT since then I added the PHP lines to an older theme of mine, over here: and they both show and WORK.

    What the hell is wrong with my current theme? Can somebody please help, I asked about this over at wp-support too, but no reply. Thanks so much in advance!! Looking forward to hearing from you guys!


    What version of WordPress are you running? Where have you added wp_head and wp_footer?

    You have 326 Errors.

    You have a closing html tag and then a bunch more HTML after it.

    There is a lot going wrong here that makes troubleshooting a single issue quite a daunting task.


    This is my top header.php

    KCavallari.Com | Kristin Cavallari

    And this is my bottom of header.php:


    And this is my entire footer.php:

    Using the latest version, of course!


    So, I had those files cleaned and the admin bar shows for once. Now I just have problems with the poll, it says (when I choose option on the voting) I must choose a valid one? Anybody knows what that’s about? Here’s a preview:


    I think you badly need to go back to basics with HTML.


    That’s a very silly kind of error. Learning to code clean, semantic HTML I would say is very important to do BEFORE you even think about WordPress themes. Then you may not have these problems, and as many errors as you do. 300….is a huge amount.


    I cleaned that all up, so it’s gone now. However, I made it work in the sidebar (see here: BUT in the content post it says invalid choice in the poll:

    I have something like

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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