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    I’m new to WP and would like to know how I can have an opening page with my graphics, menu etc. and then let WP do its thing from there. If I use a blank theme I know it will display that theme for every page, what I’m not quite getting is how I can use WP and all it has to offer to make a new website.

    I would like to have the control of designing my pages like I do when coding static pages. Basically I’m working on a site that is going to use the WPFourm server but I would like to have various other pages that will have a different look.


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    1. Create a new page, probably called ‘Home’
    2. Go to Settings > Reading
    3. Assign your newly created page ‘Home’ as the front page
    4. Create a front-page.php file in your theme’s folder, this is what your new home page will use!

    And I’m sorry that the ordered list above isn’t styled nicely!

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