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    Random question.

    I always use Elliot Jay Stocks Starkers theme to start from when building WordPress themes. The doctype is set for transitional. when i build just xhtml/css sites i usually go with strict.

    Is there a specific reason this theme is set to transitional?

    does it have to do with WP and should you even use strict with WP?

    also, i build the theme in xhtml/css first to make sure its working in browsers before i add wordpress stuff, is it bad to build that in strict and then copy and paste in the chunks to a file thats set for transitional or do i need to build the first stages in transitional also.

    Anybody know?


    There is absolutely no reason at all not to use a strict doctype with wp and if you go to ‘view source’ on this fine site you will see that Chris is also using strict.


    Yea, No problem using either.

    I’ve seen people use transitional just because it’s "easier" to have a 100% valid page. But as long as you know strict, go for it.

    Rob MacKay

    everything they said is true… lol – if you want your WP theme to have half a chance at validating use transitional – if you love strict and dont mind some validation issues, like me, then go strict :D

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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