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    Hallo everyone…. :idea:

    Ive got issue how to solve this one with WP.

    Ive build website that I converted to WP.Ok ive managed that ,but Ive got few problems what I would ask help with please.

    1/ my index page has got completely different design look and css lay out and php structure as rest of the pages. No side bars just header and footer .How do I manage that?Do I need to created different index.php for other pages? :o

    2/On other pages each page will have different header image, but sharing side bar and footer ,again do I need to create separate page for each page or what? :shock:

    Any advice on this one please ?
    Thank you ;)


    As I understand it, your index page is not a blog?

    If I’m right, I would suggest you create a new custom page template (read the codex here) for your front page. In the WP admin area, find the page you are using as a front page and set its Page Template to the new custom one you just created. To make it easier, copy your page.php file, add this:


    to the top, and edit the copy to your liking. :)

    As for #2, no, you don’t have to create a separate page for each. Read up on conditional tags instead.


    What I prefer to do for my home page is

    1) If my home page is the blog home page: just make a home.php page in my theme directory
    2) If my home page is a static page: create *pagename*.php or page-*ID*.php

    More information on the WP page hierarchy is here:


    Thank you guys for replying here…yes you are right index page or home page or first page or whatever you want to call that is no blog just page ,but all pages are using same navigation buttons including blog button which is going to be located in different area of site .Im little bit confuse here what u saying here… :?: ANy more explanation here please . :shock: Thanx

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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