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    to the talented few…
    if you have any idea on how i can get the body border (pink 20px band around the body of this website ) 769px and above media query

    to position above the top menu and bottom footer i would greatly appreciate your insight. i tried using the z-index but to no avail.

    also, the footer is no longer touching the bottom base of the site. wondering how to fix this as well. the green Right Div is not moving over to the far right of the page even with a FIXED declaration. am i really that stupid? your help would be greatly appreciated.

    github link is:



    I don’t think it’s possible with any kind of stacking because it involves body (which all elements are children of). So I can only see it working by reshaping the header and giving it some positioning. Removing box-sizing: border-box from html seems to have a good effect on the footer.

    Edit – might be even better to give the header a pink top border instead…


    shik, great idea and it worked perfectly. thank you. footer fixed itself.

    d SOLVED

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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