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    We are all different coders, with different idea’s on the perfect work flow, there are many types of workflows but I thought it would be a nice idea to focus on the work flow when U are going to start a new website.

    What do u do, what do u start with, is there a reason why u do it like that? What is the most efficient way, and what is the fasted way.

    Ill fire off with my work flow that. I have a design ready to be coding.
    I open my favorite web development program, set up a new ftp account. I don’t like using 1 ftp account, it gives to much folder clutter, i like empty roots. When I’m done with that i create my basic files and folders. This will usually be:

    index.html / php

    css – main.css – reset.css
    includes – javascript library of choice, in my case Adobe Spry.
    images – none yet.

    That open up my index file Add the basic html markup html body doctypes etc.
    Now when I’m done with that, im going to look at my design and start on the markup. I make a complete basic naked skeleton for the website no css, just basic div’s li’s hrefs etc. This way, when I’m done with it I can see how the content is placed when people have css disabled (such as bots).

    When I’m done with that I’m going to start on the CSS, implement the reset, do the body and the default css such as fonts etc.

    Than work my way from top to bottom, header container content sidebar footer. I do not pre slice my layouts. I cut them when I need them so i can decide what I need and what is best for the markup.

    Than i move down the the scripting and other browser debugging. and done. I could type a more detailed post about this, but i just got this inspiration while i was working on my new blog design. =p

    So now I have spilled my beans, and I wonder how U guys start up :)


    The exact same way, only with the addition of php at the end :o

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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