WordPress/Responsive Navigation Losing Color when on Child Page

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    I’m still working on my mobile navigation, and I ran across a weird problem. When you visit a parent page, the children links then show – just as I wanted. But when you visit a child page, the children navigation elements lose their color.

    When on child page:

    How I want it to display/how it displays when on a parent page:

    Link (pull to 480px or below)

    Any ideas?

    Thanks guys!

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    which browser? works for me in FF 14.0.1 OS X

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    In IE 9 Version 9.0.5, there’s a problem with your dropdowns.
    Due to slight gap between parent and dropdowns the dropdown disapears while trying to move mouse from parent to dropdown.
    On all other browsers, FF,Opera, Chrome and Safari it’s ok.

    # July 31, 2012 at 2:51 pm

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    @wolfcry911 – I just tried it in FF, Safari and Chrome – they all seem to be having the same issue. Were you looking at he regular navigation or the mobile one? Thanks!

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    @jurotek – I’ll take a look at that. Someone else mentioned something very similar.

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    @WolfCry911 – visit a child page, “Back Story” or “Our Team” for example. You’ll see that the menu then loses it’s color.

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