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    Hi there,
    In a move we now regret, we’ve outsourced our website building to a company who used Elementor.
    When they sent back the site, on mobile and tablet the pages could be pulled sideways to reveal a white stripe on the right side:
    They claim this is because our SVG graphic has shading on the right side, causing this issue, and the only way to fix this is to send the SVGs with no shading whatsoever on the right side.
    OK then. We’ve cropped the SVGs with Illustrator, but they claim the shading is still there. It’s crucial to use SVGs because we have CSS animation – so we can’t crop these on Photoshop and get it over with.
    I thought about using ‘clip-path’ to crop the illustrations on the right side, and make sure they are absolutely 100% shading free. When opening the files in Chrome they look cropped – but I’m worried this won’t solve the problem because it’s doesn’t actually affect the file, just the way it looks.
    I have no way to check them in the actual website without sending the files to the company, and I want to make sure this will work before, as they will just use this as another excuse to shake us off if it doesn’t.
    I would love your input on this – if I use clip-path in the section of the SVG, will it do the trick? Is there another way to fix this?
    Thanks so much ❤


    You could test it beforehand – upload the image to some other server or image hosting site, then use developer tools to change the path to that SVG on the live site.

    Edit – or remove the SVG and see if the edge is still there.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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