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    Hi guys –
    I know this is one of those questions with no real answer and still…which one you prefer between WordPress and Drupal?
    Which one requires more php knowledge? Which one is more limited? Please take in consideration that I am making a lot of updates every week. Thank you very much!


    My vote would most certainly go to WordPress. I’ve tried Joomla and Drupal and find them both to be cluttered and confusing.


    wordpress…its that simple. Year or two back I would say there could be a debate, but as of today WP is very powerful and robust. It is no question WP.


    Thanks guys!


    Wordpress by far.


    1) When I see sites I love, for inspiration, they are almost all made on WordPress
    2) I think Joomla and Drupal are too “squared”. You have to add menu’s and modules and what not to home pages. With wordpress, you can customize any page you want through your needs.
    3) Community. WordPress community, codex, is huge. It’s also easier to grasp in my opinion.


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    Wordpress, Drupal is probably my least favorite of Joom/Drup/WP…Wordpress is much lighter and much easier to develop for. WordPress as a CMS in my opinion should be the CMS standard…All of the others i have worked with are too confusing to learn and the support just isn’t there like it is for WP. Not to mention the abundance of plugins that are free.


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    Drupal admittedly had an awesome way to integrate the admin area in the most recent version, but I concur with the consensus. Granted, this is kind of a wordpress evangelists hang out… but I’ve worked in both systems and I’ve seen an insanely difficult system to work in compared to WP for absolutely no payoff.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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