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    Hello everyone. I have a quick question in regards to the footer on my site. My site uses WordPress. My footer gets pushed to the right and on Internet Explorer you can see that part of it is actually missing in other browsers. I have another theme which has the same footer and it works fine. I tried to copy/paste it to this theme and nothing–making me think the problem is actually above the footer? Or in the css. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The link is Thanks so much! (Open in your usual browser, and then also IE to see what I mean…)



    Send me Your footer code..


    The issue is occurring because you have two empty TD elements in your markup, one is sitting before the TD element that contains the footer content and the other is sitting after it. In saying this i am confused as to why your using a table as you can achieve the same result simply by using a couple of DIV elements which will make it easier to update in the future.


    I’m not sure why I used the table either. I think because I was having problems getting the footer to be centered and stuck to the bottom on shorter pages? Here is another website of mine which uses the exact same style of footer and it seems to be centered fine, and displays accurately on all browsers: I would be happy to change the footer to a DIV only footer, just not sure how to do so.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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