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    Nathan Gross

    I’m building a site that is broken up into two views (or sections): College and Corporate


    When the College tab is active, the site will use college-styles.css (orange background)
    When the Corporate tab is active, the site will use corporate-styles.css (blue background)

    Some pages are global (content is the same for college/corporate)
    Some pages are specific (content is different for college/corporate)

    So there will be one navigation set up for college and one for corporate

    Also, ideally the pages/links will be as follows:



    What is the best way to handle this? I remember a few years back where it was popular for sites to have two stylesheets (usually a light and dark version) and allow the user to select one. But I need more than just a style switcher, I need to load a whole new page and navigation. Also, ideally there would be a way to not have to create duplicate pages for the ones that are “global”

    Global pages:

    Specific pages:

    One way that was suggested was to create a blank college page and a blank corporate page and then make a college version of every page (why-us-colloge, who-we-are-college, etc), a corporate version of every page and make them child pages of college/corporate. But I don’t really want a separate blog for both, nor a separate connect page for both.

    Thoughts, ideas? Any help/input would be greatly appreciated.

    Nathan Gross

    Also, if you’re on college/how-we-do-it and you click on the corporate tab, it should take you to corporate/how-we-do-it


    Do you have

    <body <?php body_class(); ?> >

    in your template?

    Check what classes you get when you visit each individual category? Then just use those CSS hooks to alter your design.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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