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    Does anyone know of a method or plugin to include related posts in search results.

    For example a user searches for Speakers.

    In the related search results you might have amps, hifi’s etc.

    I’m presuming I would need to tag in some way popular/common search queries with related content.

    Any ideas?



    I’d say you need to figure out first how to determine what actually defines a “related post”.

    For example, if you search for “speakers“, then the results will show an X amount of posts/pages that contain the actual word “speakers” in the content (and title). But, what posts should be shown as related posts, when you only have the word “speakers” to go with?

    Do you want to show posts that have the word “speakers” as a tag? (I’d say if they have that tag, they would also have that word in the content, so they’d end up in the search results anyway).

    Do you want to show posts that have a word in the content (or as a tag) that is related to the word “speakers” ? If that’s the case, you’ll have to define these relations somewhere (or else WordPress won’t know that “speakers” is related to “hifi” or “amps”.

    And so on…. My point is that you need to figure out the algorithm first.

    Maybe I’m overthinking it. But usually, related posts are only shown in connection to a single post (posts that contain tags that are also in the single post, for example), and not in connection to a group of posts.

    TL;DR — define what related posts actually are. When you search for “speakers”:
    search results themselves are all posts that contain the word “speakers”
    related posts are all posts that contain….(???) or have a tag…. (???) or……(???)

    Hope that makes sense.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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